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I'm specializing in enhancing product management through strategic innovation, creative and structured discovery, and operational efficiency.


Impact in Action

Redefining the art of product success, one strategy at a time.
As a Product Management Expert, I revel in guiding teams and organizations across the globe to sculpt visionary product strategies and to master the craft of product discovery and UX research. My journey is about transforming businesses into powerhouses of innovation and fostering teams that breathe inspiration.

And when it comes to careers in software and tech, think of me as your compass – pointing you towards creating products that don’t just tick boxes, but truly resonate with your audience. Let’s make the ordinary extraordinary!

With a solid background in Product Management and Strategic Innovation, I specialize in crafting impactful Product Vision and Strategy, leveraging Product Intelligence, and optimizing Product Operations. My proficiency extends to pioneering in Product Discovery and UX Research, along with a keen acumen in Product Marketing, positioning products for success in competitive markets.

Product Management and Innovation

Product Vision and Strategy

Product Discovery and UX Research

Product Marketing

 Product Analytics and Intelligence

Product Operations



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Elevate Your Product Management Game with Our Workshops
Join me in a series of engaging workshops crafted to boost your expertise in product management. Focused on targeted problem-solving, my workshops provide concise yet powerful sessions distinct from longer training courses.
These sessions, ranging from Product Management Mastery to Strategic Innovation, are interactive and rich in practical insights. If you’re keen to sharpen your strategic thinking, ignite innovative thinking, or delve deep into UX research, my workshops are designed just for you. They’re not just about learning; they’re about transforming the way you approach product management and development.


Customized Training Programs to Propel Your Organization Forward 
I offer corporate training programs tailored specifically to your organization’s needs in areas like Product Management and Strategic Innovation. These sessions are more than skill-building exercises; they’re about nurturing a mindset of continuous growth and innovation.
Let’s work together to enhance your team’s capabilities in managing product lifecycles and developing winning market strategies.

My goal is to be your partner in driving organizational excellence and success.

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Transformative Coaching for Your Professional Journey 
Step into a personalized coaching experience that focuses on areas like Product Management and Product Discovery & UX Research. This journey is about your growth and career progression.
Whether you’re transitioning into product management or aiming to hone your strategic skills, my coaching is customized to your career path. It’s about providing you with the insights, strategies, and support you need to excel in the tech world.
Let’s unlock your potential together and pave the way for your professional success.


Strategic Product Management The 7-Step Framework

Product Mastery Blueprint: Comprehensive Strategies for Innovation, UX Research, Discovery, Product Analysis, and Launch

Bestselling Product Management Course on Udemy.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, the ability to innovate, strategize, and deliver successful products is more important than ever. This comprehensive course offers you a blueprint for mastering the craft of product management, turning raw ideas into successful launches.

Embark on a transformative journey that immerses you in the heart of strategic product management. Navigate through crucial elements like the Business Objectives, Product Vision, Strategy and Innovation, Lean Startup methodology, Product phases, and lifecycle stages, achieving product-market fit, developing compelling product visions, and making data-driven decisions.


Voices of Success


Lilit’s Strategic Innovation workshop was a revelation. Her ability to intertwine project management principles with cutting-edge innovation strategies has transformed how I lead projects. The workshop was not just informative, but a catalyst for thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

Anna N. Sr. Agile Project Manager
I received answers to all my questions and solutions for my problems. Now I have a clear strategy for developing my business and business relations with my employees, partners, and clients. Thank you very much!
Davit B. CTO at DevelEX International

Transitioning into product management was made seamless thanks to Lilit’s guidance. Her expertise in bridging technical and managerial aspects is exceptional. Her insights were pivotal in my journey from a Senior Engineer to a confident product manager.

Arthur H. Product Manager

Attending Lilit’s Product Discovery Workshop was an eye-opener. Her methods for integrating UX research into product development are innovative and practical. Lilit’s workshop offered a unique perspective that has immensely enriched my approach to UX research.

Jacob A. UX Researcher

Lilit’s coaching has been a turning point in my career as a Senior Product Manager. Her approach, blending strategic thinking with practical insights, has significantly sharpened my skills. Her guidance is a powerful mix of expertise and real-world applications, making every session invaluable. Truly, Lilit has been instrumental in elevating my product management game.

Irina K. Sr. Product Manager Fintech

Lilit is an aficionado of all aspects of software business management and her vast experience in the industry helps to develop business strategies bringing attention to the details that make a great deal of difference. Highly recommended.

Lusine D. Deputy Country Marketing Director UK
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