About Me
Let's reinvent what success in technology means together!
I firmly believe that the blend of a strong vision, strategy, research, data analysis, and a dash of courage, and excitement is the secret recipe for innovative and effective decision-making.

Welcome to the world where passion meets profession – my world.
My passion? Transforming the ‘fine’ into the fabulous, empowering ordinary ideas to reach their extraordinary potential! 
I’m a blend of a strategist, innovator, and lifelong learner. 

How it started

I was an utterly curious kid and the coolest nerd in high school, and I still genuinely embrace the nerd in me 🙂
The wasn’t just about soaking up knowledge; it enabled me to unravel the intricacies of various business industries, reverse-engineer best practices, and identify unique patterns and specifics in each domain I explored.

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BSc in Mathematics

At the age of 4 my mom has introduced me to positive and negative numbers and getting into groove with my quick grasp of these, she pushed it just a little tiny extra mile further and we then started with fractions; first subtraction and sum, then multiplication and division, then simple equations, the rest is history.

Long story short, this early fascination evolved into a love affair with mathematics, leading me to earn a BSc in Mathematics and Mechanics, and even a qualification as a teacher. My approach to problem-solving and developing frameworks is deeply rooted in the analytical mindset fostered by these mathematical studies.

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MA in Sociology

While juggling math studies, I dived into the fields of marketing, business analysis, project management, and product ownership. My love for technology and applying my knowledge in practical settings was thrilling.

However, I soon recognized a gap between quantitative analysis and qualitative insights. Being an avid reader and already versed in psychology, philosophy, and economics, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sociology seemed like the next perfect step. 

The study of Sociology didn’t just broaden my perspective; it revolutionized it, equipping me with a diverse arsenal of strategies, tools, and frameworks. These assets have been invaluable in my approach to business, allowing me to integrate a more holistic, human-centered understanding into my work, especially in high-level decision-making and strategy development.

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More about my Heart Topics

Outside of my professional sphere, I revel in a world rich with personal joys and hobbies. My days begin at 5am, a ritual that primes me for success both in body and mind. Fitness is my sanctuary; I cherish my time in the gym and on the yoga mat, and on the 3rd of October 2023 I proudly completed my first 10k run at the Nuremberg City Run event.

Music is another passion – from the soulful rhythms of blues and jazz to the nostalgic beats of 80s disco and 90s R&B. I’ have a soft spot for historical movies and clever comedies that spark a good laugh. As for reading, while non-fiction topics like self-development, psychology, and philosophy captivate me, I’m equally enchanted by the fictional realms, with ‘Lord of the Rings’ being a personal favorite for its profound exploration of life and character.
Nature remains my eternal muse, its waterfalls, forests, and oceans fueling the creativity you can see in my artwork at Lilit’s Gallery.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my story. As I continue to evolve and embrace new challenges, I remain committed to empowering others through knowledge, innovation, and strategic insight. If my journey resonates with you, or if you see a potential synergy between our paths, I would be delighted to connect and explore how we can create meaningful impact together.
Let’s turn our shared aspirations into our next great adventure.

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Experience built with the TOP Companies Worldwide​

Working with leading companies for more than 14 years, I have gained experience that empowers me and my clients.

Led SAP implementation, focusing on business process optimization, data migration, and extensive training in SAP ERP, CRM, and BI systems.

Managed multiple SAP implementation and customization projects across sectors like fintech and aviation, enhancing operational efficiency and client training programs.

Drove brand management strategies for major brands like Jack Daniels and Patron Tequila, integrating marketing strategies with business systems (CRM, ERP, BI).

Spearheaded business automation and systems analysis, coupled with strategic marketing initiatives and comprehensive BTL marketing management and training.

Johnson & Johnson
Oversaw software development and customization for ‘Mentor’ medical devices, balancing product and account management responsibilities.

Managed product development for data processing and visualization tools, focusing on BI customization and user training.

Provided expert training in Tableau implementation, transition management, and business process adaptation across diverse sectors like finance, HRM, and FMCG.

Guided product and account management, specializing in BI customizations and implementations for market research and data science departments.

Directed customization and implementation of data processing and visualization tools, excelling in product and global account management.

Moody’s Analytics
Developed and implemented portfolio management tools, focusing on research, data processing, and analytics projects.

Muvik Labs
Contributed to augmented sound and AI digital therapy solutions, devising business strategies for generative sound-based framework products.

Conducted global corporate training on product management for senior executives, fostering strategic leadership and innovative thinking in banking practices.

Served as Product Lead for Integration & Co-Created Software Solutions, with additional responsibilities in Video Management Systems – City Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Verticals, driving innovation and integration in key security sectors.

Under NDAs
Delivered various projects and products, business strategy, and product marketing services across industries like healthcare, legal, and finance, maintaining client confidentiality.

Additionally, I have trained and coached professionals from top international companies including Picsart, Adobe, VMware and others, sharing insights and fostering skills crucial for their organizational growth.


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